Our Week Without Digital Technology!

Teens on their phones


To what extent has digital technology impacted your life? Can you imagine a week without it?

Digital technology has an exceptionally large influence on today's society. We constantly see teens and adults overuse their cell phones, laptops, smart watches, gaming systems, etc. People have become reliant on technology to an extent where they have forgotten how to complete the simplest of tasks without it. Spending some time without technology can make us realize how big of an influence it has on our lives. As a result, various aspects of our lives that would change are communication, entertainment, and work. Although it seems unimaginable, there was a time without technology, and by attempting to recreate this environment, we can understand how the typical way of living was different from how it is now.

Our depiction of how a week would be like without digital technology details how we would go about our daily lives without using the gadgets we have relied upon for numerous years.

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