Closed laptop

While the world is still advancing in means of technology, we often forget that there was a time where technology wasn't as accessible or even existent. My mother told me stories of what old technology and internet access were like in her day. She told me stories of how school was held, how she did homework, and what it was like in a country that's electricity would drop after a few hours. In society today, humans have become dependent on technology for their daily lifestyle, using technology to their advantage. Whether it be to get homework help, research, read, automate their workload, or digitize their paperwork (notes, schedules, reminders, etc.) If electricity dropped for just a few hours, people would panic.

The 2018 theme for the Michigan Council of Women's Technology (MCWT) Web Design Competition is "My Week Without Digital Technology." For one week, electricity and landlines exist. However, more modern technological assets will not be available. This includes cell phones, Wi-Fi, digital cable, & internet. How will communication work? How will schoolwork be completed? How will daily life change as a whole?
And now we dive in.