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An image from Frederik Meijer Gardens


We wonder how people lived 40 years ago, no iPhones, no iPads, no headphones, none of those things that we use today! 40 years ago, kids would go outside to play, do their homework, had face to face conversations and many other things we don't do these days. We wonder how I would feel if we went back 40 years! There would be peace and quiet in the house, rather than the TV playing or music playing loudly on the speakers. We want to travel back in time, why not do it now! Why not put aside all these gadgets for a week. One week without any iPhone, iPads, laptops or any other devices. Why not try to be like those kids 40 years ago. We wouldn't watch anything like Netflix, etc., instead we would go outside and play, paint, do our homework, and go somewhere else.

Now comes the big question! Will we succeed or fail? To find more please check the other pages...