Claire on her laptop Picture of ourselves Lily scrolling on her phone

Ring… Buzz… Ding! Many of our lives revolve around the digital technology we use to communicate with each other, access information, and connect with the world. For us personally, we utilize messaging services, web browsers, and social media apps on a daily basis. According to the Orleans Market Group, over 3.8 billion people use the internet daily! It is fair to say that in a world without digital technology, our lives would completely change. Some tasks would be very difficult if not impossible to complete, due to the far reaching influence technology has on our current routines. We wouldn’t be able to check our grades online, text our friends and family, or get updated on Rihanna’s latest makeup products. At the same time, detaching from technology would allow us to focus more on work we are truly passionate about.

As an application to the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation’s Website Design Competition, we decided to document the positive effects of a hypothetical week without digital technology. We are focusing on three facets of our lives in particular: our artistry, our physical and mental health, and our intellect. After giving the prompt a great deal of thought, we concluded that unplugging to an extent has the potential to improve our lives.