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A Week Without Technology

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Although it might be hard to believe, most of the technology we use today wasn’t available a couple years ago! Phones like the iPhones, Samsungs, and others that are so common these days that even middle schoolers have them weren’t even invented until 2007.

Prior to all of the technology, people used to get out more and instead of communicating mainly through their screens, they met in person and chatted face to face or they wrote letters. Without the distractions of technology such as the endless movies of Netflix and countless videos on YouTube, everyone would have much more free time to explore other activities and be more involved.

If I had to go for a week without technology, I would spend a lot of my time at the library, exploring with my friends, and looking for new ways to help others in my free time. Check out my Instagram page to find out more about how I enjoy my tech-free time!