My Week Without Digital Technology

by Audra M. Woehle

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      On the night of Tuesday, October 17, 2018, the popular video sharing site YouTube had temporarily gone down. I was already heading to bed, so I just had to hope that the website would be functional by the next morning so that I could have back one of my biggest sources of entertainment and information. Luckily, the website was restored by the next morning, much to the relief of many. Some people went so far as to contact news stations and even the police, which may be taking it a little far. A situation like this begs the questions: "What if this wasn't just YouTube? What if it was the entire internet? What if it was Wi-Fi, digital cable, and internet?" As I see it, it would completely change how we currently get our work done (as both students and working adults), how we communicate, and how we entertain ourselves.