Aerospace Traffic Control System

About Me!

Hi! My name is Shruti, and as you can see, I've put together a website for you to enjoy! I thoroughly enjoyed creating this website because this was an idea I suggested at Camp Infinity for MCWT over the summer, and it was selected!

I am in 8th grade, and I have many hobbies. I love to code, read, write, run, and play video games. I love reading fantasy and historical fiction, and I like coding many different languages. Have fun!


Hello! Have you ever been frustrated by intense traffic? Or by some incompetent drivers? Well, I'm here to propose a solution. Introducing the Aerospace Traffic Control System (ATCS)! It will address many of the issues current drivers face, and increase the efficiency of Michigan's traffic. It will allow many more people to travel much faster utilizing aerospace technology, and drastically decrease road-related fatalities. After all, technology has a much smaller margin for error than humans, right?

The ATCS will almost entirely rewrite transportation as we know it, so it could be considered a good as well as a service. It will use a form of transportation soon to be known as the hover. The hover is quite similar to the car, besides for the fact that it is an airborne device. It is also much more efficient in many ways. This informational page will describe how the ATCS will transition from the current traffic control system, and will go into specifics of the system itself. We'll change the world!