About Us

Lily Yang

Hi! I'm Lily Yang, and I'm a junior at Troy High School. I am a programming lead at my school's robotics team, and I help teach others how to program robots in Java and C#. I'm also a member of my school's coding club and marching band, where I play the flute. Computer science is one of my greatest passions. My dream is to work in the field at a company like Google.

Last year, I participated in this competition in the beginner high school division. That year, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS to create a website about a world without technology. This year, I learned so much more, making this year's website a lot cleaner and more modern. Thank you MCWT for giving us this amazing opportunity to create our own website! I certainly had a lot of fun making this and learning new things.

Abby Liang

My name is Abby Liang, and I am also a junior at Troy High School. I'm in my school's coding club and a nonprofit that offers free web design to local businesses. I'm also on my school's color guard for the marching band. Heavily interested in technology and business, I plan to enter a field regarding those fields.

This is my first year competing in the MCWT Web Design Contest for Girls and I loved it! Designing and developing this website was super fun, as well as discussing the ways technology affects our society and improves our lives. In the end, we chose Fitbit due to its prevalence and importance to us. It feels amazing to see this site go from blank to what it is now! :)

Lily with her Fitbit Charge 2 Abby and her Fitbit Charge 2


Source About the Source
W3 Schools This source helped us in coding sections that we needed a bit of help on, such as the drop down menu and social media icons. W3 taught us how to code a responsive website, which is present in many factors of our website, like the images, videos, and text. The code for the dropdown menu and horizontally divided sections is based off of W3's.
Coolors For a consistent theme, we chose an aqua color scheme, as the color aqua is refreshing and calming. The colors from the scheme were found from Coolors.
Font Awesome With the help of W3 Schools and Font Awesome, we were able to insert and connect the social media icons on the header of this webpage.
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow helped us solve a wide variety of our issues by viewing the questions and answers of other users.
Internet Kultur Internet Kultur helped us create the classic hamburger menu icon.
Fitbit The inspiration of our website is from Fitbit. Much of the content on this website is based off of Fitbit and our experience with it.
iMovie The video on the homepage is edited with the iMovie software for iPhone.
Google Fonts We used the font Titillium Web and Montserrat from Google Fonts for our entire website. Google Fonts also provided us with the code needed to import the font into our website.
Favicon Favicon helped us create the Fitbit favicon and helped us to import it into our code.
Vimeo Featured on the home page is an original video that we uploaded to Vimeo about the features of Fitbits.

All images and videos are original.

Technology Classes

Both Abby and Lily have taken Computer Science 1 and AP Computer Science A (Java). Lily is currently taking AP Computer Science Principles.