Health and Fitness

The Fitbit allows us to track our activity, exercise, food, weight, and more, for real-time information about our day.

We can workout however we like with workout modes that show stats like heart rate and calorie burn. We can even use Fitbit Coach to follow personalized video workouts that adapt to us and change over time.
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Lily's Experience

My aunt Wei has Type 2 diabetes, and she knew that she needed to lose weight, but it was hard to find motivation sometimes. Thanks to her Fitbit, she found it by setting daily goals. She uses her Fitbit to track her activity and heart rate so she can manage her diabetes. The food logging feature in the Fitbit app helps her stay aware of the calories she consumes and the nutrition she’s getting, so she can stay on track. Thanks to her Fitbit she's looking and feeling healthier everytime I see her!

At our school, I asked the members of the cross country team how they use their watches. One of them told me that she used her Fitbit to time her runs, look at post-workout summaries, and monitor her heart rate. It's really useful to track her progress and make sure that she's pushing herself to improvement.