General Advice

On this page, you can get some general advice on how to not only deal with bullies, but also if you are a bystander or the bully.
Please note that this website is not a substitute for professional help.

For victims of bullying:

Before you read anything else, make sure you've told a trusted adult about the situation. After you do that, read the below text.

For bystanders:

A lot of times, when a person is getting bullied, they aren't sure how to stand up for themselves. The people who watch the victim get bullied are called bystanders. If you are a bystander, you should speak up for the victim and have their back. Read the text below on how bystanders should react.

For bullies:

If you realize your actions may be hurting someone, find them and apologize ASAP. If you aren't comfortable with actually talking to the person being bullied, talk to a counselor or trusted adult on how you can fix the situation.

bullying in classroom