Works Cited

Here are all the resources that we have used in order to complete this website.

Text editors that we have used to write and edit our code:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  2. Sublime Text

These sites were used to help create different elements such as our slideshow on the "Quiz to Get Help" page, and the CSS for the buttons and header designs throughout the website.

The following websites were used to get information about bullying, counselors, and sayings for the slideshow on the "Quiz to Get Help" page

The following site was where we got our image on the "Advice" page from.

The sayings on the slideshow on the "Quiz to Get Help" page were hand-written, and the video on the "Advice" page included recordings of students at Boulan Park Middle School, in Troy, Michigan.

We would also like to thank the Michigan Council of Women in Technology for giving us this amazing opportunity!