What is Bingo?

Bingo is a technology company specialized in robot design and AI development. Bingo focuses on creating tech products that benefit the mental health and well-being of its users.

What We Provide

Bingo is best known for its therapeutic robots, which reduce stress and anxiety, offer comfort and empathy, and help its users cope with illness or death. For example, Bingo’s “human” robot, Jubi (Jubilant), is an interactive robot programmed with AI. The robot serves as a companion to its owner by engaging in conversation with him or her and has sensors that can recognize changes in heart rate and blood pressure to indicate how he or she is feeling emotionally.

Another addition to Bingo’s line of products is robot therapy animals, or Critters, which also offer companionship and can simulate certain behaviors such as purring, breathing patterns, and certain sounds like meows and barks. Petting, playing, or caring for one of these robot animals can induce calm feelings and release endorphins in the brain, alleviating feelings like depression and loneliness.

Who should use Bingo products?

Bingo products are designed for those diagnosed with physical and mental illnesses, including cancer, PTSD, depression, etc.. Bingo products that imitate animals are especially recommended for hospitals so that patients can be comforted by a furry friend without agitating allergies or causing messes. Bingo products can also be used in therapy offices or homes with doctor/therapist evaluation and recommendation.