Logo for 3D printer

"Develop A Website For A Tech Product Or Service, Imaginary Or Real, That Impacts The World In A Positive Way" was this year's website design competition theme. The intent was to develop a website that markets the Braigo. This product is not yet available for sale, but the inventor, Shubham Banerjee, is working towards making this invention available for purchase.

Subham Banerjee developed a 3D braille printer when he was just 13 years old for a science fair project. He got the idea solely from seeing just how much 3D printers could cost. He called it the "Braigo", made from a Lego building kit and other around-the-house items.

"It took Shubham a month and seven tries before he got the design right. His first Braigo works by using the controller to scroll through the alphabet and pick the letter you want to print. When you choose the letter, a thumbtack creates raised dots on a narrow roll of paper.

Pretty basic, but Shubham’s invention was still a hit at the science fair — and in the tech world. His success inspired him to found Braigo Labs, Inc., to continue his goal of finding alternative ways to design helpful technology that costs less to produce, so more people can use it...

At the Intel Developers Forum in September 2014, Shubham showed off the Braigo 2.0, an updated model that uses less energy and can do more things, like automatically print out news headlines every morning. Intel must have been impressed because, after Shubham’s demonstration, the computer chip maker announced it will invest in his company! Now he’s one step closer to making his dream of marketing the Braigo a reality."

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