Keep Ocean Clean

Help clean up the Ocean

About the Robot

  • Clears up pollution
  • Water-proof
  • Light, and managable
  • Built-in camera
  • Great navigation
  • A Better Way

    If serious action is not taken, not only will we lose our ocean,but we will also lose our animals and eventually, we will not have any clean water to drink. Which is why we have thought of a better way; a robot that cleans up the pollution in the oceans. With the help of our brains and modern-day technology, pretty soon the oceans will have little to no pollution. The robot will be built to break down any type of plactic, metal, or paper that may be in anyway harmful to the animals, water, and people. The robot will have a built-in camera and gps, so it would be able to navigate its way around the ocean, detecting all of the things it needs to pick up along the way.