Terms and Conditions


You can buy the health sensor in Canada or the USA. If you order online you can pick up the collar at a pet store or it will be shipped to your house. Based on where you live shipment will take a different amount of time. Shipment will take less than 3 days for sure. If you are traveling select the dates of your collar to be delivered after you come back. Shipment cost an extra $6.50


Warranty is at the most going to be 1 year long. The screen will be replaced if it cracks during the time of the warranty. If you lose the collar will not be replaced.


It only cost $102.99 The first 25 people to place an order can get 60% off and shipping free. If you buy it before its 2020 you can use the coupon code 011235 to get it 25% off and shipping also free. There is a coupon that you can print out at the bottom of this page.


You can return a collar within 30 days. You can ship the collar back to 1746 Plainview drive,Farmington Hills or call the number 248-749-7396.