BackTrack: A Journey into the Past!

What is BackTrack?

BackTrack is a website that aims to educate young people about the differences between life in their grandparents' era and life today. By focusing on three main topics, BackTrack helps today's generation understand what life was like back then, and how the past has shaped our present and will continue to shape our future. Explore our site to brush up on your history and back-track to the past!

Black and white photo of grandpa and granddaughter

Why BackTrack?

BackTrack was created as a submission to the MCWT Web Design Competition. Each year, hundreds of talented girls develop websites from scratch and compete for prizes. This year's theme was, “Create a website comparing three aspects of your life and how they are different from (or are like) your grandparents' era”. I think this is a wonderful theme and is something that isn't often thought about, but could be used to educate younger generations and help them reconnect with older ones.

Black and white photo of an old skyline

What will you learn?

We have information on technology, food and transportation. You'll learn about how these fields have evolved and changed over time, all while engaging in fun content like quizzes and videos.

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Come explore the past!

Take a look at our website and see all of our incredible information! With pictures, videos, and more, you'll be sure to have a blast while learning too!

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