1950's vs 2020

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The Difference Between My Era and My Grandma's Era!

The world has evolved a lot from the time my Grandparents grew up compared to the time in which I am growing up. The past 70 years have seen a rapid growth in each and every aspect of our lives.
Today I will try to cover some of the aspects of growing up in my Grandma's era as well as growing up into today's fast paced world!

I have organized it into 3 different groups:

1)Transport 2)Technology 3)Things To-Do

I am a Sixth Grader at Larson Middle School, Troy. I love to draw and sketch, and I have a 5 year old sister!

Below you can see a clear depiction of My Grandma's Era and My Era when we were 4 years old!
Isn't it exciting that I was able to get original pictures from our Albums?!

Grandma and Me