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Time and Human Evolution



Reading a Book by Candlelight

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the 1950s? Maybe you remember them, or maybe it seems like 100 years ago. Either way, I'm sure you're aware of what was happening in the 1950s historically. Racial segregation, worldwide economic fluctuation after WWII, and gender inequality were huge issues back then. However, today we'll be focusing on more light-hearted, modern topics that differed from those in the 1950s.


Flowers in Modern Las Vegas

We will look at three different aspects of life in the 1950s - digitial technology, fashion, and communication. All of these aspects are integral to everyone's lives today, and they were integral to everyone's lives in the 1950s. How are digital technology, fashion, and communication from the 1950s different from their modern-day equivalents?


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