Changes Through Time

Cass Benton Park, half black and white, half in color
Compilation of black and white photos
Compilation of old photos


Dramatic Changes

The way of life has changed dramatically within the last century. These changes have mainly been attributed to the fast development of various technologies, including computers, automobiles, and most influentially, the internet. Our world today has become very digitized, and these digital changes have influenced the way we communicate, travel, and go about our daily lives.


In my grandparents’ era, there were no computers or smartphones, and cars were just beginning to take over as the main form of transportation. They relied on word of mouth, handwritten notes, and manual labor. Information came from radios and newspapers, and more time was spent outdoors rather than huddled over a screen.

Pink coat with a cartoon filter
Pop Culture

From John Lennon to Taylor Swift, pop culture has changed dramatically over time.

Black and white photo of my mother and grandmother
Color photo of myself
Typewriter with a cartoon filter

Typewriters, landlines, and phonebooks were the forms of communication of the past.


The world today is fast-moving and constantly changing. The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and share ideas, and globalization has increased more than ever. Information on almost any subject imaginable is readily available to the general public, and infrastructure is expanding rapidly.