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About my grandmother

My grandma, Glenda was born and raised in North Dakota on a small farm for most of her life. She was born in 1946 so she was my age, 16, in 1962. In North Dakota on their small farm that did have electricity but no indoor plumbing for most of their time growing up there. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a farmer as well as a rural mail carrier. She now is a nutritionist and is unretired. She met my grandpa in school and they had been married for a few years before divorcing. They've been divorced for as long as I can remember and my grandmother now has boyfriend, Milford, that she has been with for quite a while now. My grandpa, Mayo, though, passed in January of 2018 in his home upnorth. My grandmother is very invloved with the church she attends as she is in the choir there so she is there quite often. She's had some impact on our family as my mom was very close with her and her sisters so we were there quite often for holidays. After my mom passed in 2016, we still go to my grandmother's other relatives houses to see one another as my grandma loves to see us and cook for everyone.

My grandma Glenda in fourth grade.
My grandma in fourth grade