One Culture, Two Generations.

What's changed between them?

My family has lived in the same place for many generations. However, over the years things can change, no matter where you live. We know that our culture has developed significantly in different ways compared to when our grandparents were our age. Yet, we still have similarities and traditions that have not fizzled out. They stand strong and can be the foundations of families.

To dive deep into this discussion, I've developed three broad areas to compare and contrast with my grandparent's era against my own. Technology, culture, and tradition. Along with these will be the following overarching question: Why has it stayed or altered, and how has this impacted my family and life in our current era?

A good picture of me A picture of my grandma Technology

Technology has been around for a long time. How it has manifested itself though, alters throughout the years, arguably, our modern era boasts the most advanced version of them all.


Living in the same location for so long means that you live in the same culture for a long time. However, although that culture may still be located there, it can quickly change physically as the tides of the world change as well.


There are clearly many differences between the era that my grandparents grew up in and my own. But, there may actually be some similarities found in the root of our family line.