The Gap Between Two Generations


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in your grandparent’s era? This question can keep us wondering for days, trying to find all the differences. But, one thing is for sure. Our lives would be vastly different.

Comparing the 1950s to today, everything from technology, society, and our day to day life would differ. Many commodities around us wouldn’t have looked the same or even existed back then. Even our behaviour and social norms have changed.

Picture of Grandparents

Since my grandparents are from the 1950s, I'm going to compare how some aspects of their lives differ from the present. Starting from how different our society used to be, I will explore the different views and preferences. Next, see the change in technologies and their impact on us. Lastly, I will compare how different my high school life is from my grandparent's time.