Past vs Present

This Years Topic:

Create a website comparing three aspects of your life and how they contrast with (or are similar to) your grandparents era.

What This Website Is About?

Have you ever wondered how your grandparents lived? Do you know what people did back in the 1940s when internet didn't exist?

We have tried to document three key differences between life in the 1940s and today covering aspects such as Daily Life, Entertainment, and Equality. Thank you for checking out our website!

Before you dive into our site - Watch an introduction video about our website and the importance of understanding the generation of our grand parents.

About Us

Nidhi Narayanan

My name is Nidhi Narayanan and I'm a 7th grader at Boulan Park Middle School. Some things I enjoy doing are drawing, listening to music, and reading. I also like to play the violin & piano, and play with my dog.

Kristin Prakash

My name is Kristin Prakash. I am a 7th grader at Boulan Park Middle School. Science and Technology get my creative muscles energized. When I'm not entertaining my 5 year old brother, my hobbies include reading, dancing and learning to make music.

      Key Events Over The Years....


  • Popular Vehicle: Jeep
  • Avg, Annual Salary: $1299
  • Entertainment: Radio Shows
  • Inventions: T-shirts, Computers
  • 1970-1990s

  • Popular Vehicle: Ford Station Wagon
  • Avg. Annual Salary: $12,513
  • Entertainment: Movies, Music albums
  • Inventions: Internet
  • 2000 - Present

  • Popular Vehicle: Mustang MachE
  • Avg. Annual Salary: $87,864
  • Entertainment: Netflix, TikTok
  • Inventions: Smartphones

  • Defining the Generations

    Grand Parents 1946-64

    Our grandparents generation is called the Baby Boomers, and most people from this generation are born between 1946-1964. This generation was born right after World War II, so they grew up with post-war housing and education. Baby Boomers were work-oriented and competitive.

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    Parents 1970-85

    Our parents generation is called Gen X, and most people from this generation are born between 1970-1985. Generation X is thought as an "in-between" era as it is sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and the Millenials. Generation X grew up at the time when the numer of women in the workforce increased, meaning as kids, Gen X became independent as a result of being left at home for hours. This generation grew up while the economy was flourishing, and the internet started to get popular.

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    Our Generation 2000-10

    Our generation is called Gen Z, and most people from this generation are born between 2000-2010. We grew up with technology, so as we grew older we became more connected with it. We also are very independent and we care about many global issues.

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    What has changed?

    Daily Life

    There are a lot of differences between 1940s and 2020s when it comes to daily life and this page talks about cars, phones, plumbing, and schooling.

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    In the 1940s, entertainment options were limited and simple and this page, you will learn about how people entertained themsleves then and now.

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    Things have improved a lot in the area of equality since the 1940s to now and this page talks about racial and gender equality.

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