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And how it has bettered our daily lives compared to our grandparents' era

The Challenge:

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology’s 2020 Website Design Competition had challenged us to answer the prompt: “Create a website comparing three aspects of your life and how they contrast with (or are similar to) your grandparents’ era”

We, the people, can’t imagine our life without technology. And we often think that we are the only generation with capable technology, but we forget that of our grandparents’ age.

Technology in its entirety plays a part in every facet of our daily lives, the application and machine creation using science, refines and expedites our movements, communication, presentation, sleep, work, learning, etc,. And it ultimately, has bettered the whole of humanity, so the single most key differentiator to our lives and the lives of our grandparents’ was the advancement of technology. And since technology is so expansive, we presented technology through three categories: Social Media, Healthcare, and Education.

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Social Media - a way we communicate

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Healthcare - how we take care of ourselves

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Education - how we teach and learn