Inspiring Women

Women can lead, inspire, influence and
make the world a better place!

We'll look into few of the inspiring women
who smashed stereotypes, defied expectations,
and made history!


Art collage

We'll look into amazing women artists who achieved great things like creating the world's first celluloid paint lab by learning chemistry, featuring children of many races thus bringing diversity and inclusion in art work, and becoming the first sculptor of African American origin.


We'll explore amazing women scientist who achieved many great break-throughs like being one of the earliest recorded woman mathematician, the first woman in America to receive a medical degree, and being the first woman accepted into the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Science collage


Sports collage

We'll see amazing women in sports who broke many records like making 214 runs in a cricket game, being a 4-time Olympic gold medalist, and making it to the Olympic Hall of Fame.