About the Website

Greek and Norse mythology are remembered for Zeus’s power, Achilles’s skill, Hercules’s strength, Odysseus's wit, and Prometheus’s courage. It’s a big world of gods, goddesses, heroes, and men remembered for their strength, bravery, violence, and lust. Although there is beauty and courage in their stories, some of them, there is a lesser-known side to the powerful role that women and goddesses played. On my website I will talk about my three favorite women in mythology; not just well-known and proclaimed goddesses but also those less remembered and appreciated.
This year, I chose the theme of women in mythology, as I explained, because I’ve found novels such as Circe by Madeline Miller, and Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker fascinating and inspiring. For my website, I chose a color palette and font that hopefully incorporates the aesthetic of ancient Greece. I made some of the drawings myself, as well as the cursive titles that you see at the top of each page.
The hardest aspects when building my website were probably making the navigation bar, filling the content, and making the images. I followed a detailed tutorial for the navigation bar and did extensive research for the characters that I chose to portray. Additionally, I wanted to have original drawings on my website, so these also took a good amount of time and effort.

About Me

My name is Melinda Cordero, I’m a freshman at the International Academy Okma. I’m fourteen years old, this is my third year competing in the MCWT competition, and my first as high school advanced. I’ve competed in the middle school category for both 7th and 8th grade, and I can confidently say that both experiences were exciting and rewarding. I was born in Ecuador and moved here five years ago. My first real experience with coding must’ve been three years ago when I first joined the competition and thus began learning to code. Apart from coding, my interests include playing the guitar, swimming and running, reading, writing, drawing, and much more. I love robotics, theater, math, and science. My dog, Alpha, is a nearly two-year-old rescue dog who brings a lot of light and love into my life.

a drawing i made of circe

I made this image myself.

my three characters


From the book Circe by Madeline Miller, I found this underrated goddess inspiring. As the first witch in history and with her being a unique and different character, I find that she is one of the most overlooked characters in Greek mythology. I will give a brief description of her, her life, and why I love her.


Credits to Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker, this book depicts and astounding representation of Briseis, Achilles’s slave in Greek Mythology. It is a beautiful interpretation of who she was, what she went through, and her role in the war. I will talk more about her and what she did, but this book gives a different approach to what is commonly regarded with her.


Ariadne is a greek daughter of goddess Pasiphae and Mithos. She is famous for being the Minotaur’s sister. She had an unexplainable love for her beast brother. However, she risked her life in helping to kill him for her love and to end the sacrifices that the Minotaur required every year. Her story is another overlooked tale of courage and bravery that I find inspiring and beautiful. Based off the book Ariadne by Jennifer Saint.