Why Did I Choose Korra?

Korra in avatar state

When I was presented with the theme of this competition, I contemplated on who to create the website about due to there being so many influential women in the world. While racking my brain, I recalled a show from my childhood that I had recently rewatched, Legend of Korra. Legend of Korra is a spin-off of Avatar the Last Airbender where the avatar was a boy and I remember thinking to myself how cool it would be if there was a female avatar. Korra being the avatar had appealed to me in many ways both as a child and as a teen since she displayed so many strong characteristics that I wanted to embody. Korra showcased different sides of femininity, which I admired. She was strong, resilient, and outspoken, but she also allowed herself to be vulnerable and helped by others. Though Korra is a fictional character, she continues to inspire many girls out there in the real world like me.