Experience IT!

My Week Without Digital Technology

Have you ever considered what your life would be like without digital technology? The answer is probably no. Generally speaking, this generation is obsessed with digital technology, and relies on it to get through the day.

Someone Using Digital Technology
Someone Reading and Utilizing a Book

We decided to take on this challenge. We simulated this atmosphere, and we noted our observations. Let's just say it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. If you want more information, click on the tabs above. We encourage you to take on this challenge of no digital technology for a week. Now get out there and experience IT!

About Me: Sanjana Edition

I am Sanjana Madapa, an eighth grader. I do Tae Kwon Do and play basketball for my school team. I enjoy reading and drawing. My favorite subject in school is social studies. I also have an interest in mythology (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.). I admit to being dependent on digital technology, so this challenge was hard for me.

About Me: Shruti Edition

Hi! I'm Shruti. I created this website with my friend Sanjana on the topic of digital technology. This is a topic I haven't thought about too often, and it was nice to be able to put it into perspective with the creation of this website. Things that I enjoy to do in my free time are drawing, reading, and physical activity. I hope you enjoy this website we put together!