Aerospace Traffic Control System

The System and its Benefits

So, how does this thing even work? How does one simply overwrite all this work society has done? Well, I'm about to show you. By using a hover (as described in the Hover page), we can make driving, which will be called, flying now, much more efficient.

There are many aspects of traffic which will be improved with ATCS. These include parking issues, speed of emergency vehicles, criminal tracking, international flights, and traffic at intersections.

Homes Police Hovers
Public Buildings

Let's start with the parking at homes and public buildings. As specified in the previous page, each hover will have a level which it is programmed to fly. Homes, instead of having driveways, will have platforms extending outside from the walls, each at the elevation level of every hover level. This allows any hover to land on the platform at the house. This will be the same case for public buildings, except there will be an elevator providing access to all floors. This form of parking allows for more room in parking lots, with convenient access to many levels.

What about emergency? Emergency hovers can move at top speed, as long as an emergency is documented. This prevents emergency hovers from being slowed by traffic and will resolve the complications of whether they have to follow the rules of the road.

International Hovers!

Next, I will cover criminal tracking. Police hovers, as mentioned in the Hover page, will be built and programmed differently than other hovers. These technologies will allow the police to track and capture runaway(or flyaway, if you will) criminals. This, along with emergency hovers, will greatly decrease rates of death and crime.

International flights will change quite a bit. With hovers, we have no need for planes. Airports could be a pass-through area for hovers to check in and go through security. Airports will be able to track all flights, and the tracking is stopped after the flight, or transferred to another airport for a connecting flight.

As for traffic at intersections...well, what intersections? With advanced proximity sensors, we don't need traffic lights to tell us when and where to stop! Traffic lights can be so inconvenient, and that's mainly because they are programmed with time intervals, not sensors. With ATCS, hovers can go wherever they please, and these proximity sensors will prevent accidental collisions. With more levels, there is more room for hovers to move around, so the chances of a collision go slimmer than ever before.

The Hover!