Keep Ocean Clean

Help clean up the Ocean

Your Turn

  • Recycle
  • Volunteer to help clean the water
  • Reuse more bags and bottles
  • A Helping Hand

    There are many other ways we can help the earth, though. For example, instead of littering on beaches, we could paitently wait until we get near a recyle or trash can, and then dispose of our trash. We could also use some of our free time to volunteer to clean up our beaches and other water scources, so not only will it be a more comfortable environment for animals to live in, we will continue to have clean water to drink. We can invest in recyclying bins in our homes and neighborhoods, and reuse plastics and paper bags. Kewping not only our water, but also our earth clean is so important because if good care is not taken of our homeland, it will perish. Taking care of the earth so generation after generation can see beautiful blue waters, and amazing green trees will alawys be our top priority. And to make sure our goals and dreams come alive, we need more than just a robot to save us; we need our community and our families to come together to make a change. And that change begins now.