These are the common surgeries perform by the da Vinci™ machine. The da Vinci ™ is not capable of every surgery, but it can perform these common surgeries.

Coronary Artery Bypass
Procedure to improve blood flow to the heart.
Tumor/Cancerous Tissue Removal
Specifically from sensitive areas of the body.
Gallbladder Removal
Removal of the Gallbladder.
Hip Replacment
Replacment of an arthritis infected joint with an artifical joint.
Removal of the uterus.
Partial or Total Removal of the Kidneys
Removal of diseased Kidneys or failing kidneys.
Kidney Transplant
Transplanting healthy donated kidneys.
Mitral Valve Repair
A procedure to repair the mitral valve of the heart.
Procedure to surgically reconstruct the renal pelvis.
Procedure to widen the lower part of the stomach.
Radical Prostatectomy
Complete removal of the prostate glad and surrounding tissues.
Radical Cystectomy
Complete removal of the urinary bladder. Females typically get their uterus, ovaries, and part of the vagina removed while men get their prostate and seminal vasicles removed.
Tubal Ligation
Sealing of the Fallopean Tubes.

Heart Surgery