Beth Mattison

Beth Mattison holding her grandson

Beth was born on August 1, 1962. She died on February 9, 2020 after battling ovarian cancer for 4 years. She married Stephen Wayne Mattison on August 15, 1981, who was the love of her life. They had two children - Christopher David Mattison, who is married to Kathryn Elizabeth Fletcher, and Rebecca Michelle Mattison, who is married to David Hartung. Beth's family was one of the most important things to her. She homeschooled both of her children for 6 years, so they could receive the basis of their education with a focus towards God and His part in this world. 1

Beth was also a devoted Christian. She and her husband spent much of their marriage studying God's word, the Bible, together. They both felt that serving in their church, the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith, was very important. Beth mainly served in the church by working with the youth, teaching in a vacation Bible school, and leading Bible studies for women. Her faith led her to face some big questions when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For more information about Beth's life, visit

Beth Mattison with her close family.

Beth Mattison in the hospital with a 
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When you find out that you are facing cancer, do you turn towards God in hopes of healing or do you blame all your problems on God? Do you believe that God will use this to produce something good or is it all a punishment from God because of your sin? Beth chose to grow in her faith knowing that God could heal her if He chose to and could use this all for good. Before her cancer, she was a strong, faithful woman, but by the end of her life, her faith had grown to be much stronger. To learn more about her journey in faith through cancer, click here.

Even though Beth has passed, we wait for the day when we will be able to see her again, in the Kingdom of God. Beth is waiting in the grave for the day when she will be called up to meet Jesus in the sky. As we wait for that day, we pray often "Come, Lord Jesus, come." To learn more about our future hope of seeing Beth and the others who have passed again, on that day when Jesus returns, click here.

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Beth Mattison speaking at a church.

Beth's story made me examine how I viewed life. The self reflection that this caued led to me making the biggest decision in my life. She gave me the courage to continue using my talents to serve God. Without her influence, my life would look very different than it does right now. To learn more about the transformations of my life that she inspired, click here.