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Virtual reality can be applied in several different ways. One example is in the military. All three branches of the military (the army, navy, and air force), use virtual reality for training purposes. Soldiers often need quick thinking skills in certain circumstances, and virtual reality allows them to develop these skills without having the risk of death or injury. Using head mounted displays (HMD), data gloves, and an inbuilt tracking system, virtual reality can simulate a wide variety of situations, such as flight, battlefield combat, and vehicle operating.

Soldiers using virtual reality to train


Surgeons use virtual reality to visualize a heart

Similarly, professionals in healthcare can use virtual reality to practice their skills without providing any danger to a patient. The HumanSim system can simulate training scenarios where a subject can interact with a virtual patient and environment. This can be especially helpful for surgeons, who need to be able to act precisely in order to perform surgery. Also, first responders can have an opportunity to experience disaster training or handle a large emergency virtually.


Virtual reality as used for entertainment is arguably the most anticipated application. Virtual reality is popularly used for gaming, where users can immerse themselves into a virtual world and interact with their surroundings to reach an objective in the game. It can also be used to simply watch videos YouTube and look around to see multiple different perspectives. In addition, virtual reality is utilized in museums, theaters, and various other locations to give the public a unique new experience.

Here's me trying out virtual reality myself :)