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A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Alice (Alicia) Qin, and I'm a junior at Plymouth High School. I currently have not taken any computer courses, although I plan to next semester and during my senior year of high school. I've always loved coding, and I've taught myself how to code through online tutorials, mostly at

Feel free to find me on Instagram!

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Alicia Qin

Code Sources

Most of the code has been developed by myself; however, some snippets have been borrowed and adapted.

  • For the navigation bar, I used code from to create the basic layout and then edited the CSS to change the font, color, and border. I also added rounded corners at the top and included the navigation bar inside of a div tag in order to center it on the page.

  • To shrink the header, I found code at that would allow the header to shrink once the user scrolled past a certain threshold. However, I changed the code and added several equations so that the header would shrink according to the position of the scroll bar instead of at a certain threshold.

  • For the drop down menus on the "Forms" page, I borrowed code from once again for the basic expansion function and then used CSS to change the font, color, and general formatting.

Image Sources

I used photos from the following websites:

Other References/Tools

For the icons, I used Google Drawings to design one for each page. I also used Google Drawings for splicing multiple images together for a simpler format.

For coding in general, I referenced several times for basic code tutorials for HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Also, while doing my research into virtual reality, I was able to learn a lot from the STEM teachers at my school and was even able to experience what virtual reality was like for myself! (see Applications)