Picture of Carol Shaw In Her Early Days

Later On

Carol Shaw went on to work for Activison, created her magnum opus, River Raid, and she even won the Industry Icon Award in 2017. Later on, she went back to working for Tandem and is enjoying her early retirement. You can find her occasionally biking on some trails, and she is even still working on some other projects like the Molecular Assembler Sequence Software(MASS) project which was supposed to allow users to help with molecular modeling, showing how to create something atom by atom.
Although Carol Shaw makes it a point to not emphasize her game development background, she certainly made a big impact and paved the way along with many others for women today to enter the video game industry.

Early Life

Carol Shaw got a degree in electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley. She interviewed for Atari on campus and was hired on later. Carol worked on several titles during her time at Atari but she wanted a change of pace so she left for a company known as Tandem. That did not last long however, as Activision called wanting to hire her on as they had finally started the groundwork for their company after settling their old scores with Atari.

Picture of Carol Shaw Now